Becoming a member

Questions? We are available to assist by phone during our open hours, Thursday-Sunday 8am-8pm. Call us at 530-582-4007

We want everyone to get their hands on tools and making things as quickly and safely as possible. Here's how we do that:

  1. Read the Membership Packet by clicking here
  2. Buy your membership online or or in person
  3. Sign the waiver. This acknowledges you agree to the policies in the membership packet
  4. Attend an new member orientation. You can also do this first as they are open to non-members. 
  5. Join Slack (you'll get an invite) and join the channels you're interested in!

Start using tools

Now that you're a member, you can choose to do any or all of the following, in any order. Sign up for these on the calendar page.

  • Safety Checkouts: For experienced members who don't need instruction, but are required to demonstrate basic competency. If you'd like to learn how to use a tool, get in touch or wait for an intro class to be scheduled. 
  • Demos: See what's possible in our space and ask questions of the experts. Open to non-members and members. 
  • Classes: Hands-on learning from beginner to advanced skills. Check for member and non-member pricing. For those that are new to tools and skills, class completion is the route to take for independent tool use.  

Project Storage

We wish we had more space, but we don't yet. That means working on large projects like vehicles, large sculptures, etc, is not possible. Sorry! We do have limited storage for smaller projects on a short term basis. And we have lockers that we encourage you to rent to store your personal items in. 

Specialty Tools

Some specialty tools are time and skill intensive, and require special training and advance registration for their use. These include the laser cutter, CNC router and CNC plasma cutter. You must take tool-specific classes to use these, and we recommend reserving these tools in advance. We welcome commercial use of these tools, but charge an hourly rate for tool use going to explicitly commercial purposes.

Using shops while classes are in session

Classes will have priority use of tools while in session. Please refrain from excessive noisy work in any shop (planning, joining, grinding, etc.) during the lecture portion of the class, usually the first hour but this can vary. Please plan accordingly before coming in by regularly checking our class schedule

Warranty disclaimer

The facility, tools, materials, equipment, and all services associated with this membership and any workshops are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.