Our First Year

One year ago, the Truckee Roundhouse was brand new. We had just opened our doors to the public -- the mayor had cut the ribbon and 400 of you helped warm up the space at our big party. Our first crew of volunteers was busy finding all the bugs in the membership system we’d set up, and the first tool safety checkouts were under way.

Then it snowed. We picked a hell of a winter to open a business in Truckee, and despite closing a couple days, we did a heroic job of melting ice, clearing pathways, braving traffic, and keeping the makerspace open. All that with our all-volunteer team.

In the spring we hired our General Manager, Karyn Stanley and began laying the foundations for a sustainable, long-term operation. We've brought on 3 new board members added many positions to our volunteer team. The 2017 Maker Show was a success despite more snow in the middle of June. We organized summer STEAM academy camps for Tahoe Expeditionary Academy and Truckee-Tahoe School District.

We’ve been busy with the day-to-day of a makerspace. Jerry taught the intro to metal course to 67 people! Judi alone has taught 32 people in the textiles shop through formal classes, and countless others through helpful tutoring. And a whopping 95 people have taken the intro the laser cutter! All told there have been over 30 instructors who have taught courses to over 500 class visits.

Then there are the members! We started in January with 130 members, and currently we’re up to 200, including our incredible team of 50 volunteers. We average about 200 member visits per month, or over 2000 in 2017 to date. Of course, the numbers are such a small part of the story.

The real story is the magic that gets made in the space every day. We’ve supported several businesses to get off the ground and added value to dozens of others. We’ve given parents lifelong memories with their kids, given kids their first hands-on experience with high tech tools, and watched budding craftspeople go from timid to professional.

In 2018, we’re going to do more. As we work out the kinks to the systems and become a grown-up makerspace, we’ll be able to offer higher quality programming for adults and kids. We’re working on expanding the space and creating separation between our ‘noisy dirty’ and our ‘quiet and clean’ shops. Most importantly, we’re working on raising another round of donations to create the long-term sustainability that will ensure we continue growing into the great institution for our town that we know this can be.

Donate to the Truckee Roundhouse and help us bring the maker magic to more of Truckee!

Thank you for being part of our first year. Here’s to many more to come!