Truckee Roundhouse Welcomes General Manager

Truckee Roundhouse Community Makespace is excited to welcome Karyn Stanley as General Manager of the Makerspace.

Karyn brings over 15 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising, volunteer organization, and event planning. Most recently she handled the business management of an international destination backcountry ski company where she brought hundreds of folks to ski Antarctica each year. In addition Karyn led grant writing for its sister organization, which brought explorers into classrooms through presentations and remote satellite technology.  

Karyn is committed to the idea that creative space increases the quality of life for a community, and that the maker process and sense of play is what builds authentic human connection. She feeds her own artistic fire through photography, writing, jewelry making and improv.

As the Roundhouse’s first General Manager, Karyn will be responsible for the operation of the makerspace. With her support, we’ll improve the quality of our members’ experience in the space, expand our class offerings, and continue growing resources available to the community. Hiring Karyn is a big step forward in the Roundhouse’s mission to becoming a long-term, sustainable makerspace.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Karyn by introducing yourself and saying hello next time you’re in the space!