Roundhouse Membership Information

Questions? We are available to assist by phone during our open hours, Thursday-Sunday 8am-8pm. Call us at 530-582-4007

The Truckee Roundhouse opens December 1st with a ribbon cutting and open house from 5-7 PM. Buy your membership today and get ready to start making things December 2nd and beyond!

If you haven't already, please read 'Becoming a Member' before purchasing your membership.

Our different options for memberships are below, click the prices to purchase.

Full members can also add a 'partner' to their account for $30/month -- please call or see us in person to add!

Makerspace Rates (Effective December 1st)
Individual 18 years or older with autopay $50/month$500/year
Individual 16 or 17 years old with autopay $25/month$250/year
Individual 16 years or older - single month$60/month
Under 16**$15/month$150/year
Company Memberships - contact us to purchase
2-4 employee members$45/month/ea$450/year/ea
5-9 employee members$40/month/ea$425/year/ea
10+ employee members$35/month/ea$400/year/ea
Other Uses - Purchase in Person at TRH
3 visits punchcard$50
12 visits punchcard$200
Small Locker$5/month
Medium Locker$10/month
Gift Cards Available - Click Here

**Must be accompanied by adult member in the makerspace