Metal Shop

The metal shop includes tools for welding, blacksmithing, and computer-controlled metal work. Located near the roll-up door to dissipate heat, the metal shop has adequate safety equipment, ventilation, and space to work. 

Metal Shop Tools

Arclight Dynamics Arc Pro 4800 CNC Plasma Cutter

  • 50” x 50” cutting area.
  •  Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma torch 
  • Automatic torch height control for cutting uneven surfaces
  • Auto Tracer lets you trace a part and reproduce quickly
  • Water table reduces 90% of dust and smoke
  • Video:

Miller Multimatic 215 Multi Proces Welder

8x42 Bridgeport Mill

  • Digital readouts
  • Digital speed controller

JET 8” Industrial Bench Grinder

  • Dust collector Stand

JET 2”x42” Combo Belt/Disc Sander

  • Dust collector stand

JET 22” Industrial Drill Press

  • Drills up to 1” mild steel

BOMAR Horizontal Bandsaw

  • Liquid cooled blade

Logan Model 200 Lathe

  • 10" swing

JET 18" Vertical Bandsaw

Future Tools

  • Sheet Metal Brake
  • Sheet Metal Shear
  • Sheet Metal Slip Roller
  • English Wheel
  • Tubing Bender
  • Tubing Cutter Attachment for CNC Plasma
  • Spool Gun for Welding Aluminum 

Metal Shop Classes

Some of the classes we hope to offer in the metal shop:

  • Basic Welding Concepts 
  • Basic & Advanced MIG Welding
  • Basic & Advanced TIG Welding
  • Basic & Advanced Concepts for Lathe & Milling
  • Intro to CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Advanced CNC Plasma Cutting training series using Inkscape and SheetCam programs.

(Link to Metal Shop Classes Coming Soon!)